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A little catch on the last few days... Watched Umizaru on sat, damn nice show... Long time no watch Jap movies/serials, makes me very huai nian the old Jap shows like Beautiful Life... haha Jap serials/movies are mostly nice imo, dunno why nowadays seldom being shown on local tv..

Had duty on sunday, damn slack man, whole day pia vcds and slp nia.. But then my skin started acting up again.. Rash here rash there.. think its the weather ... =(
Got MC for monday and tuesday... Went to linx place to swim today, swim like 10 mins sian liao, drizzling somemore. Than met heng @ bishan junction 8 watched Shutter.. Quite scary, nice horror show overall, one of the best i've watch this year :D

Was reading a few comics. Theres this one titled "Suzuka", some love story lor.. damn romantic damn sweet damn nice :D About this guy chasing his neighbour, something like love at 1st sight, girl also like boy but cannot be together... very very sweeeet :D

this sat have duty again.. kao, think gonna take mc on sunday again :D

shhhhhh dun tell others =

some pics after our swim at linx's place

my cam hard to capture nice pictures with correct lightning sia.. nevertheless, my 7610 still roxs :D hehe

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