Mobile Blogging?

Was justing like Blogging on my phone cause i can't seem to access thru my gprs anymore... Weird.. Did it last night before our Consequence Management test hehe :D

Omg... So sweet... The channel 8 show with vincent ng and rui en... Wha long time so slack like this liao... But too bad sat still got duty... I just realise that alot of politics can go on during a prof test... Well when different individuals with different ideas clash, their true colours will show... Haha.. Seeing them chut pattern is kinda amusing... LOL..
Wha exercise just cut... Song... Goodbye and goodluck to LTA Rizal and 1WO Muthu.. Really learned alot from you guys :D, Good luck in ur future, esp LTA Rizal.
Haha... Pass 2 days was fun with them around...
Fucked up ah.. Y sat must duty...

Anyway, overall our coy prof test was fun.. but now that its over we are turning ops in the next 2 weeks, which mean i wun be around much liao... god confine 2 weeks 3 day off ? Where got like that one... But luckily X'mas no burn, got like 4 days off during that period... weeeee :D

Some grp pics taken :D

fish, me & linx

Ivan & me taken at cookhouse when we slacking with the uncles :D

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