new skin / 688 once again

Change the layout of my blog just now.. Well, just in case you guys dun know, the picture is of Gabriel, the Angel. Kinda have a thing for angels nowadays, dunno why... i like the wings ^^ have many artwork of angels on my com now!! hahaha

Maybe its because its precisly what i need in my life right this moment... I need an Angel to help guide me thru this bad patch...

Didn't do much today, woke up too late, some KALonline, some matches than off i went to once again, 688 kopitiam. The pork ribs there is deadly! Went with linxie and heng!

Just realise i have this pic of tard linx at Jubilee AMK.

Kinda excited about the next few days.. Dun ask me why, i dunno also

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