xiao bai long

watched White Dragon... what a L O L show >.<
abit waste money.. plus midnight show somemore.. wth

well, hope the next 3 days pass by quickly... i so wanna enjoy the long weekend + offs...
Did a lot of sorting out of the stuff in my com.. omg my files are all over the place. Plus i am running outta HDD space!! i think its time to burn all my animes.

Well, now for a short story.. There was this guy, abit slow, abit retard. Than there was this other guy, he intro-ed a girl to the retard. Girl went steady with retard, which made us all L O L. Than girl cheat retard money. 4 subscribed handphone lines and 6 handphones. 80% of his cash in his bank account. Now guy who intro-ed the gal to retard is under fire for it.

Who do you think is responsible for this ?

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