yay the holidays!

at long last... i will be free til monday yes !!! waited so long for this.. Camp life, well as usual is as fucked up as it could ever get.

I've heard about this guy who owes blah and blah money.. He don't seem to intend to return, shunning their calls and such. Whats worse is that they are suppose to be friends.. No money dun bet mar. Friends is a word taken lightly and used freely nowadays, there isn't really much value left..

Saw the 1830 news on channel 8 just a moment ago. Saw the Joo Chiat neighbours being at it again. How dumb can they get? i mean do they really have to argue for like everyday for their rest of their lives till they move out? Why would anyone wanna take a video cam and film their neightbours just for the sake of irritating them? Seriously they should do something more constructive with their times like doing volunteer work.. Instead of making a fool outta themselves. I can't even believe that 1 of the involved party is a educator.. how can we count on her to educate? ROFL

Time really seems to fly.. tml is already friday yea >.<

got this off bo xiongs blog :D

My japanese name is 藤原 Fujiwara (wisteria fields) 駿 Shun (fast person).
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My names SHUN! rofl :D

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