Just came back from Day 2 of ATP range today.. YES EXTRA $200 !!! weee!

Anyway dun have time to really blog much.

This is my Ex PC now my 3ic, LTA TAN SENG POH ! hahha, one of my best mates in camp, smoking/talk cock partner and long lost sch mate of my sis's boyfriend. He takes care of me alot and for that i am grateful to him. Hes leaving in a few months time and i wish him luck for the rest of his career. As we say, hes a follower of the system though he doesn't like it at all :D hehe

Alot of stuff happening these few days, but can't recall shit. Too busy, too hectic, and i'm on abit of a alcohol overdose right now. Gotta get some sleep on my sweeet bed.

Ps. Digital Fortress by Dan Brown Roxs. Go read it.

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