Should we build a casino in "oh so free n green" Singapore? Y not?

Some of the mps say that it is not good for our society. In what sense? Increase crime rates? Downturn of moral values/integrity? If there is, it means that our education system needs improvement. I believe ones moral values are instilled into a person when he/shes young.

For me, i think a casino in singapore would be a good idea la. Better income for our puny country. More tourists ? more exposure? I think the good points outweights the bad points. Increase crime rates would be good training for our local law enforcement officers :D The majority of Singaporeans gambles in one way or other, no? There would be more jobs for people of all levels. Maybe we would become like the "Coral Island" of the Shuang Tian Zhi Zhun show hahaha.

Well kudos to the government for having the idea of not only a casino, but a one stop entertainment centre which includes the casino. This sorta dilutes the bad aftertaste which comes with a legal gambling den. It would be good for investors, good for us too? New theme parks, shopping malls? and of cause the casino. If it really falls thru i would wanna go gamble there, haha :D just for the experience :P

ok no time to rant .. ciao ~

*pic update* Just some assorted pics i took over the pass few days.

Denise darling

Linxie dude

Ramz/Shih Wei @ FleshImp

Ramz/Shih Wei & Adrian @ FleshImp

This is alfred la, 1990 one, PBAN ! BOOT :D

*PS, got a shirt from FleshImp @ Hereens with wei & adr, whole day got 1 shirt nia, uber unproductive shopping day for me :(

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