Wha damn tired la.. Was at fishie's place for mahjong session yest morning.. than halfway through heng got recalled back to camp.. I was like WTF? where got so coincidental one... Than we 3 (linx fish me) sian 1/2 liao, play halfway have to stop. Than we decided we continue later in the day. After that had breakfast at prata shop with heng n linxie.

Went over to linxie place to slp n use his laptop :D hehe. Than now at 3:14am we are still mj-ing, but i sorta decided to sleep... too tired liao, dun wanna sleep my sunday away cause have to book in in the night liao. Back to army life. These few weeks din really feel like being in the SAF at all, too slack life :P Well, i'm lucky la..

Hope later in the night can dinner with my mum and my grandma... Just saw her a couple of days back at my auntie's place. My uncle's mom passed away, i went there not to pay my respects but visit my grandma. Aiya i also dunno my uncle's mom, and i dun even like him la, so i dun give a fuck.

But being at the funeral got me thinking.. What if anything happens to my grandma? I'm the closest to her among my cousins. My cousins, well, i think they also damn fucked up la. Just like my auntie.. They don't even go see their grandma la.. Our grandma looked after them when they were young and they aren't the least bit grateful lor, after whats shes been through, i suppose just a 10 min walk down to visit her isn't that much to ask for.

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