at last i got my dear com back :D

AT LAST !!! My processor came back from INTEL. Blew around $250 this time... Guess i better take care of my com n turn it off when i'm not around.... NOT :D

Went out a few times the pass few days, most notable was dinner with bennett at fish n co n amk on 2 nights.. Got a new book, under bennett's recommendation.. The Bource Trilogy.. Quite nice i must say, exciting n i like the writers way of dishing out the story.. Classy :D

Well i'm sure alot of peeps watch the movie, The Bourne Identity, The Bource Supremacy n the last one The Bource Ultimatum.

Was watching Amazing Race last night, OMFG KRIS n JON almost lose.. Damn bad luck la, keep encountering stupid chinese taxi drivers.. Kris n Jon = Best team with best sportsmanship.. they won't ever lose their temper lor.. Zhai.. hhaha

I have this bad feeling my gfx card won't last a month.. Hopefully my aircon zhai enough :D Ever since i got my com back today i'm going crazy liao, mass d/l la hahhah. God bless, hope i dun get caught :D

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