Talk about strange. Weird stuff going on for the past few days. Firstly, i met Astroboy. Boy was he cute. He was actually trying to buy a Coke lol!

I wonder if it'll be worth watching.

And remember me posting bout SPEED a couple of days before, well while i was @ Daiso looking for aluminum tubes, i actually heard their songs! LOL. However i seem like the only one who knew that album, so =\

 The Julie/Julia Project ( Original blog )
Caught Julie & Julia @ PS yesterday. Hmmm Meryl Streep, what can i say. Another entertaining performance =) Quite a hilarious show, but it shows the strength of  2 strangers, separated by time, inspired by the predecessor. Looking up to someone and empowering oneself takes on a different meaning.

Lastly, Benitez in all his wisdom decided to sub out all of the best players of Liverpool. How clever. Did he have a pact with the other big 4 for them to win this league? I was hoping for pool to win to keep the league interesting... Apparently not.

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