WIP - Disastrous MG 1/100 Destiny

Started on my MG 1/100 Destiny a week and a half ago.

Everything well pretty well till the last part. Namely the Wings of Light backpack and the stand. Dilemma with the backpack was i couldn't decide if i should seal the seamlines first or paint it first. All due to the fact that i wanted to add some minor details into it...

  The one thing i loved bout this MG 1/100 Destiny kit was the newer way the indicated the Alphas on the Sprues. Something I'm new towards. This makes it bloody easy for me to identify all the sprues without squinting my eyes.. Thank god for that! Hope to see more of this in future MG/PG kits. =D

Problems with the stand towards the end... Apparently, Destiny's stand allows u to move it 4 ways. Front, back, left and right. I was able to move it front and back, but while trying to move it left and right, the screw might be on too tight + me exerting a little too much pressure.. Before I knew it, I heard a snap! lol! The horrors... =(

But overall it went ok. Some pics below of the priming/painting process.. I guess I might have some of the worst WIPs..

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