MG Hi Nu Gundam RX-93-V2 W.I,P Part 1

Manage to get the Hi Nu Gundam for my next kit. Simplre colors, might mod the boosters if i actually have the time to go down to HAG.

Due to my lousy masking skills, i decide to actually color each individual parts, which i kinda regreted after seeing the amount of parts the chest piece consists off....
But hey, I've actually learned to take my time for making my kits so i suppose why not? Since I'm almost 100% sure i would achieve better results this way = D

And this is just the feet LOL.

This is my little way of organizing parts. I set aside all the parts by their color, and 1 extra bag for weapons/metallic parts/color change parts.

Even though i love the Cobalt Blue from Mr.Hobby, I decided I should stay true to the color of the original version, so I just might go with purple. Good kit to test shading on my weaker areas (colored parts)

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