MG Hi Nu Gundam RX-93-V2 W.I,P Part 2

Just a small update on the stuff I did a couple of nights ago..

During the final stages of building, this is the 'fin'/'funnels' on the backpack, the connectors..

This is only 1/4 of it...

This is what i ended up with..

These parts are all too small, was thinking its gonna be a bitch to airbrush, so i came up with

 This time I decided on a different workflow. Instead of priming everything, coloring everything than finally topcoating everything, I decided to go by parts.
Firstly I will start off with the internal frame and silver parts of the kit. So I would primed all these, than color, than topcoat these before moving off to the other parts of the kit. Was wondering if this method would serve me better....

My first time airbrushing primer on instead of using aerosol cans. Save the environment perhaps. Best to minimize damage... I've always love primed kits.. so sexy =D

Sexy Filters.

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