Taiwan Trip Pt.1


Went to Taiwan with my family and my grandma =D Never been on a trip with her and I figured since I can get to spend quality time with her + avoid work, why not?!

*Warning - Picture Heavy Post*

First hotel, it was a golf club and the view was quite nice. Only worried about getting a 'hole in one' on my head while I roam around...

Chiu Fen - Where the olden way of living still exists... Quite an interesting place overall, Its what i called 古色古香, place filled with the olden days glory.

I love places with history especially.. But then, popular tourism spots like these tend to be infected with commercialization, thus spoiling the overall beauty of a place like this.

Apparently, the Taiwanese love their tea. Me being sort of a tea lover too, was delighted to see them having their own little corner be it in their house or their shops dedicated to making and enjoying tea. Primarily Taiwanese drinks more of Green Tea, and are famous for various 'raw' tea produced high up in their moutains.

A whole truck of goodies =D
Well, me being a ex-chef/foodie, I'm delighted to see that that this practice of selling meat at the back of the truck still exists. Fresh pork for sale right @ your doorstep!
While the above pic might look disgusting to some, with some work, we can get.....


Creative Taiwanese businessman. this is actually a pop out postcard. There were many with fine details and it is actually quite cheap!

Snapshot of the street...

The surroundings


Note to self, always check the price of stuff before buying.

This piece of cuttlefish costs $5 SGD can you believe it?!

Gonna have to split these up over the week... heh =D

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