Shading Techniques Trial on MG Destiny 1/100

There are a many different techniques for shading your plamo out there. Which do most of you use? Personally i started out with brushing solid black lines around the edges, than going with the final color over the whole pieces, partially over the solid black edges which gives a unrealistic greyish tone which usually gives of a 'dirty' feel to the piece. Another variant i use consist of a base color first coat, than adding white to that color as highlights over the base color. Below are the videos of techniques i previously used.

Started on the so called Max technique with afew of my own variations (mostly cause i'm a lazy arse)

Below is a small tutorial on the max technique which apparently began by a person named max when he started using it. Pics are credited to SaintYJ

Some WIP pics on MG Destiny. Got it done in about 5 - 6 hours on Sunday :(

This is the part which i screwed up. Being too eager (lol as always) I over coated the paint, causing it to be too thick and than cracking up :( Looks like i have to remove the paint and redo this few pieces all over again.

PS : Still using my blackberry without MACRO :( Sigh i'm so in need of a cam right now....

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