Almost Done! =D MG Hi Nu Gundam RX-93-V2 W.I.P Part 3

So it was a long long day today. Spent a total of 6 hours just on panel lining + sticking decals onto the kit alone. Took a few pics but the shading doesn't really show with my orange-ish table lamp....

I decided to make the shading more subtle too, because the previous destiny got a little bit to dark. Overall this kit was alot cleaner, though I still had a few hiccups along the way. Worst part was me destroying the shin plates on the kit, and the overly thick coating of paint which caused a rough surface :(

Some airbrushing WIP, with shading. Final coating of white not yet applied.

Final coat of white applied.

Without decals

Love this Amuro Ray decal. Looks so cool!

Almost done with everything. Just need a final coat of gloss coat. Another day for it to cure, and finally a matt coat =D So near, I can virtually smell it..

Will be back sometime in the week for the completed kit =D Plus action poses... Till then!

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